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Court Reporter Salary Information

Court Reporting is a fascinating career for those looking for great pay and flexibility.

Court reporter salaries are among the highest of all court personnel. Court reporters earn an average income of over $40,000 per year.

The top ten percent of court reporting salaries are more than $70,000 per year and the lowest ten percent earn less than $20,000.

A court reporting salary may differ due to the level of certification, years of experience and job location. Students who complete an accredited court reporting training program have many career options.

Students could provide CART captioning services as an independent contractor or as an employee with a captioning service provider.

There are also career opportunities for court reporters to provide deposition services or work in court as an official court reporter.

Official and deposition reporters can significantly increase their earnings by charging a “per page” transcript fee in addition to their salary.

Transcript fees can often raise a court reporting salary to more than $80,000 per year.

Reporters who are proficient and certified in real-time translation are often able to charge a premium on their services because the transcript detail is immediately available.

A stenographer salary can also vary by specialty; a court reporter that is well versed in personal injury or other specialized subjects may be able to become a subject expert and work as a freelance reporter.