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Court Reporter Job Description

Court Reporters are responsible for creating verbatim, written transcripts of all conversations, speeches and proceedings in a courtroom.

Their transcripts provide written proof, and serve as an accurate legal record, of all the spoken words in a courtroom.

In addition to creating verbatim transcripts, court reporters are often also called upon to assist judges and trial lawyers with tasks such as organizing trial information or searching through official records for specific pieces of case-related information.

Court reporting jobs often also involve advising attorneys and judges about courtroom procedures and administrative tasks.

Advances in transcription technology have made it possible for a growing number of courtroom reporters to provide closed-captioning and real-time translation services to those who need it.

The actual task of reporting court proceedings is performed in different ways.

Some court reporters for instance, use a stenotype machine to document court proceedings. In some cases, the stenotype machines are connected to computers to enable-time captioning and translation.

In other instances, court reporters use audio equipment to record courtroom proceedings. In such cases, the reporters are responsible for ensuring the clarity and quality of the recording and to make sure that each speaker is identified correctly.

Voice writing is another method that is employed by court reporters to record courtroom proceedings.

The demand for court reporter jobs and court stenographer jobs continues to be strong and is expected to grow at 18 percent annually for the next several years.

The amount of training to become a court reporter can vary relatively significantly.

An entry-level voice writer for instance, usually requires less than one year of training while court stenographer jobs can require up to three years of training.

The median salary for court reporters in 2008 was just under $50,000.